Monday, January 10, 2011

BOGO Sale!!! Yipeee!!

Hope everyone had a great New Year! To welcome the new year in I am having my first sale in my etsy store!
                                                                   BOGO SALE!
In order to get the sale price you must purchase this listing! In the notes to seller please tell me which prints you would like! Also get 2 for 1 shipping!

Here are a few new offerings from my store that are included in the sale.
                                                                     Fantasy Night
Also be on the look out for new ring listings! After the holidays I am busy restocking the store! There are many new things in my studio waiting to be put in the store. Here's a sneak peek!
                                                                    Virgin Mary Ring

                                                         Pink Chandelier Crystal Ring
Here's to a wonderful New Year to all of us!!

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  1. Wow Wow Wow your stuff is great very cleaver I can't wait to see more have a vintage jewelery blog and make my own too [not as good as you]I also love your prints posters great site well done
    Cheers from Australia Stella
    My Blog is