Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everything Old Is New Again!

I decided to stretch my wings in my shop and add a brand new a category, Vintage Prints. Aside from being a jewelry designer I also work with digital art and do a variety of other art work.
                                                                              Rose Fairy
In keeping with my vintage theme I am using real photographs of people from around the 1800's to the 1900's. I think it's fascinating to see people from this era. They all look so glamorous, and have such an innocence I find their photographs hard to resist.
                                                                         Lost Garden
I think about these people who have long passed, and am pleased that I am able to give them new life in my art. Maybe someday people will think the same of my photographs and restore me for all to enjoy as art work.

                                                                        Strange Dream
This also allows my creative side go full force. I enjoy adding random details like numbers, and borders. Making things look scratched and grungy, and adding old photos into new situations. Making a picture into a complete fantasy, and leaving the observer to wonder what's the real meaning? Art speaks to people on so many levels.
                                                                      Do So Lovingly
Like what you see? Want to see more? Check out my shop Lisa's Urban Nostalgia I'd love to know what you think of my prints! Comments always welcome!


  1. Sweetie,these are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. Your work is gorgeous! Okay, just read your previous comment and it seems I'm just repeating the obvious. Love it!


  3. HI lisa, I happen to visit your blog. I too like jewellery designing and digital arts. I found yours quite interesting .Do visit my mine I am an amateur in digital arts.But I love working with it