Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yipee I am doing one last camping trip before winter. Tomorrow morning I am headed off to Warren Dunes, Michigan. What a great way to clear your mind and get some inspiration! While I am gone please check out these two blogs! On Friday, September 17th, I will be guest blogging on Frugal Fancy's Blog,  and on Monday, September 20 I will be guest blogging on Amanda Nicole's blog A Writer's Journey To Being Published This guest posting offer was the inspiration behind my new Western Collection on my etsy store. And yes, everything is now available for purchase!

Once I return home it's time to focus on my favorite time of year, Halloween! Yes I have already eaten my way through several bags of those sweet candy corns and pumpkins. I wanted to use them as photo props but somehow they never quite made it in my pictures, hmmmmm, how very strange!

Lots of things in the works. More guest posting too. But also I wanted to mention I am going to do my first GIVEAWAY!!! yeahh, and I think it's going to be a Halloween bracelet. So please be sure to keep up with me. Free is always good!
Did you like my Western collection photo in this post? You can do that too. Just go to Shape Collage for a free download and you will have some fun photos in minutes and it's FREE! Enjoy the weekend! Comments always welcome!


  1. Really? The candy pumpkins and candy corn mysteriously disappeared? Do you perhaps have mice with opposable thumbs?
    Enjoy your camping trip!

  2. Hehehe I think that is a true statement! Gotta be the mice with opposing thumbs!

  3. My mind's already on vacation ;) But, I still say it is the mice. They even open pantry doors and take lids off containers at my house. At least, that's what my husband claims.

  4. So funny that happens here too! BTW what are you doing on vacaction?? Something terribly fun I hope!

  5. I'll let you know when we figure out what we are doing :) The current idea is a lot of day trips to explore our new area. I think my husband wants to go to Roswell one day just to say he went. Maybe I should do a blog post "My Vacation - No Query Letters!"

  6. Oh yeah that sounds good. I would LOVE to go to Roswell, how fun!!!