Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Paper Bead Creations

It's been a while since I posted my original paper beads. Funny how life catches up to you and other things become top priority. Last week I just purchased a new computer, which although fantastic, takes  quite a bit of work to get things up to speed. So after a week of computer work things to be running smoothly so I am back to work!

I absolutely love the uniqueness (is that a word?) of these beads. Not only are they a piece of history, but they are just plain fun. I always enjoy adding text to my work. I think the written word is intriguing, and makes you wonder what the heck is written on them!

I will have these up on Etsy in the next day or two. So please check back in my shop!


  1. Wow! Those turned out wonderful! Almost makes me wish I had my ears pierced. Hopefully, they will be around another 100 years or more and become antiques themselves.

    -Amanda Nicole

  2. Wonderful work! They are so so pretty and intriguing. Thank you for posting in my blog frog community that is how I found your blog. Please feel free to come back and list more of you work any time.

  3. So glad you found my blog Eileen! Thanks for the great comment!